Offshore Services

From shrink wrapping boats, ships and other vessels for transportation, protection or weatherization needed for your marine renovation project. Pro-Tect provides containments, weatherization and corrosion preventative solutions, services and materials during construction to isolate different crafts (painters and welders etc.) and weatherize complete decks/platforms to meet aggressive schedules during inclement weather. Protection and preservation of equipment during storage and construction process is also available. Allow our highly trained staff to assist you with your marine protection needs today.

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  • Process vessels and modules

  • Critical equipment and instrumentation

  • Offshore Platforms

  • Cargo Ships & Containers

  • Protection against Salt, Sand and Other Harmful Marine Environments

  • Weatherization

  • Containments

  • Transportation & Shipping protection

  • Short or Long Term Storage solutions

  • Protection & weatherization to Renovate, Refurbish & Remodel

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