About Pro-Tect Services

Pro-Tect Services was established back in 2000 and has always been a family owned business. Operations started from our home at first but quickly grew to our large office warehouse in Conroe, TX. It is still an independent family owned business. Pro-Tect Services has always maintained an impressive reputation for safety, quality of work, services and cost effectiveness, which permitted us to become one of the most respected companies in our unique industry and the Industrial Marketplace.

Pro-Tect Services, Inc. is an international company providing material and services to the Industrial, Marine, Commercial, Transportation, Food & Beverage and Manufacturing markets worldwide. Specializing in the design and installation of environmental containment and weatherization systems for blasting, painting, lead, asbestos abatement, and environmental control of interior work areas for uninterrupted work progress. Our specialty materials are utilized in new construction, restoration, maintenance, and demolition projects.

We provide preservation, anti-corrosion and rust preventative materials and protection systems. Our environmental containment systems, along with our patented materials, are used to weatherize construction projects, contain emissions, protect assets, package and preserve products, parts, pallets and for the protection and packaging of equipment for shipping and storage. Our protection and weatherization systems will safeguard any shaped object or structure from the elements on a temporary or long term basis. The addition of rust preventatives, corrosion inhibiting additives and treatments can also be applied to our systems for added security and protection.

Pro-Tect Services, Inc. offers equipment rentals of Dehumidifiers, Dust Collectors, Negative Air Machines, Generators and other Environmental Control Equipment. Our experienced sales and technical staff can assist you with any questions or specific requirements you may have for any project, large or small. We value our customers and employees and realize that our business wouldn’t exist without both!

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