Heat Shrink Film, Bags & Protective Foam

Pro-Tect Services, Inc. shrink wrap material is a modern thermoplastic film formulated with both linear and low density heat sensitive resins. When heated, the shrink wrap will shrink 25% to 30% of its surface dimension. Our shrink film is manufactured to our specifications from virgin resins and fractional melt low density polyethylene resulting in uniform bi-axial shrinking and super strength. The UVI in our shrink wrap is a hindered amine to protect against film deterioration by the sun. Hindered amine protects the film by remaining within the molecular structure of the film. In addition to the fractional melt and linear low density polyethylene, our specially formulated films contain Ethyl Vinyl Acetate (EVA). Shrink film containing EVA retains more elasticity and does not become brittle when exposed to cold temperatures. Puncture resistance is greater; burn holes do not propagate and will not split easily in the machine direction when whipped by the wind.

Heat shrink wrap has been widely used since 1965 in virtually every industry with great progress made in the improvement of heat shrink wrap resins and heat shrink wrap applicators.

There are many varieties of heat shrink films available in multiple widths, lengths, thickness and colors, for diverse applications.

Depending on the specific manufacturers' specifications, each will perform differently depending on the resins and manufacturing process utilized.




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