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Choosing the right system for your company

Just about every industrial process generates airborne pollutants in the form of dry particles, fumes, vapors or mists. These contaminants are often toxic and can lead to an unsafe work environment, if not properly controlled. So, it is critical to select an air filtration system and manufacturer with the experience to solve your company’s specific air quality issues.

That’s where trained Pro-Tect Services, Inc. representatives can help. Our worldwide network of experienced professionals can assist you in determining which air cleaning equipment, accessories and designs best fit your needs and objectives. Additionally, you also have access to Pro-Tect Services’ team of Customer Service Specialists and Application Engineers who are ready to answer questions before, during and after your system is installed.

Dust Collection

Pro-Tect Services offers dust collectors to meet the needs of virtually any application. Energy efficient and maintenance friendly, our dust collection units come standard with features like quick seal release doors and cam action locking bars for quick and easy filter changes, pressure gauges that indicate when cartridges need to be changed and lightweight, easy-to-remove dust drawers. Pro-Tect utilizes a pulse blast technology, which maximizes the cleaning power and energy delivered to the filter, providing complete surface cleaning and assuring years of dependable performance.

Upon evaluating the characteristics and concentration levels of airborne dust at your job site, a highly qualified Pro-Tect Services clean air professional can help you properly select the size and type of air cleaning system that will provide the best air quality solution.

Meeting all your filtration needs

Pro-Tect Services also offers a complete line of high-performance replacement filters that are compatible with virtually every major brand of industrial air cleaning equipment. Available in a wide range of media blends and sizes, these superior filters effectively perform in the rugged industrial environments and provide efficiency up to 99.999%

Put Pro-Tect Services and Clean Air to Work for You

Cleaner factory or plant air can provide many advantages including improved workplace safety and employee health, decreased housekeeping and maintenance costs, compliance with increasingly stringent OSHA and EPA standards, and overall better product quality. Maintaining enclosed work space environments that are free from dust and particulate matter is desirable in many situations where contamination is unacceptable.

As a leader in the industrial marketplace, Pro-Tect offers a wide breadth of products to ensure you get the right technological solution for your specific application. We have access to the most advanced technology and expertise to solve virtually any dust problem your company may have, as well as the ability to provide excellent on-going customer support.

Our knowledgeable Field Representatives are ready to work one-on-one with you to recommend the best air cleaning product(s) to fit your application—no matter how complex it may seem. Whether it’s a typical manufacturing process problem or one that requires a customized solution, Pro-Tect Services, Inc. has a high-quality system that can do the job.




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